the time is now

not next month. now.

enbrige has “completed” and been granted LTO for line 9, so there are limited points and times left for intervention but there are still – and will always be – points of resistance. maintenance will be ongoing, and filings will continue to be updated on the neb site – keep your eyes open! further, infrastructure like densitometer stations, valves and pumping stations are static and offer several opportunities – you just need to be creative and look for them.

blockade a site using individual or social tactics. see this handy how-to. nighttime activities like pulling stakes and filling test drill holes also prove successful in delaying projects/maintenance and costing enbridge money. so would sabotaging earth moving equipment. find a manual valve and operate it. cut off the power to electronic valves. find an emergency shut-off button and press it.

test holes? fill them. stakes? pull them. uninstalled pipe laid out? sabotage it.

work with a crew you trust, be safe, and don’t talk about it afterwards.

the neb site is a trove of information.

if enbridge wants or needs to do something on the up-and-up they need to file a notice, application or compliance papers. all of these are filed on the neb site, and in some cases on enbridge’s own site. the downside: when it comes to compliance docs, which includes construction tracking tables, the neb filing is about a month behind – so january’s progress will be filed near the end of the month. The plus side is that it includes a “next month” section and construction is often running behind anyways.

“leave to open” applications are typically posted within a few days of submission and often indicate possible days for a line shut down so that certain work can be completed. If the work is extensive, the outage may be done over the course of several days. It’s likely that sites will switch over to running shifts 24 hours so they can minimize downtime. Remember, construction projects can run behind; eyes on the site are important.


another source of information is pro-pipeline groups.

they’ve got an ego, so they like to brag and publish some informative articles. You can learn about pipeline construction and specs, types of equipment, processes of a particular project and a lot of other interesting info.


informational links [remember: government sites log IP and metadata. using tor, tails or other proxies can help subvert that]

all enbridge filings [for all projects]:


maintenance filings [for repair & integrity digs]:


line 9 compliance documents:


don river project:


line 9 docs [PDF]

detailed 9a project map [NEB site]
detailed 9b project map [NEB site]


terminal & pumping stations maps


other docs [all publically available]

Guide to Monkeywrenching [cleaned]

Pipeline Construction Guide [ detailed]