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while they claim otherwise, enbridge and the crown has consistently failed to meaningfully consult with the first nations communities their projects run through and threaten the lives & culture of. line 9 is in direct conflict with first nations treaties.



it takes between 2-10 barrels of fresh water to extract & refine just 1 barrel of tarsands oil. tarsands operations draw over 11,730L per second from the athabasca watershed. water useds in operations is permanently contaminated and cannot be reused or recycled. the poisoned water is then stored in tailings ponds.

tailings ponds in alberta, comprised of unrecoverable toxic waste water, can be seen from space. Tailings seepage from ponds are unknown, but low end estimates about 11 million litres per day.



inspection tools revealed the presence of 4738 anomalies of varying degrees along line 9 related to the formation of cracks, and 8223 anomalies related to corrosion weaknesses.

enbridge has since filed 322 notices to repair cracks in line 9, just between july and december 2013.

they are only mandated to repair cracks that are greater than 40% of the depth of the pipe wall thickness.

the pipe wall thickness, in most places, was just 6.35mm thick when originally manufactured forty years ago. this means the pipe wall thickness is likely to be less than 3.81mm for Enbridge to initiate repairs.


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