physical pipelines

pipeline networks are vast and hard to secure, making oil & gas company’s weakness our potential strength. the pipeline infratructure itself is above ground at three points: during layout/construction of a new pipeline/segment, during maintenance when it’s uncovered, and where it comes above ground to pumping stations and terminals. physical pipelines themselves can have varying maintenance requirements. while anomalies on pipeline surfaces are often ignored, there are rigid replacement requirements around at least two specific damages that can delay operation.

i. scratches/dents/interference with pipeline flanges – especially open the open face of a flange, or;

ii. scratches on pipe threads of newly laid out/uninstalled pipe.

clearly it’s in our best interest to let everyone know when these things may have been tampered with or damaged.



some pipeline facilities including densitometre stations and valve stations have telecommunications systems to relay information on pumping pressures and pipeline content and allow remote access/control to these systems. it’s not unimaginable that any kind of interference with their telecommunications equipment might lead to a forced shutdown of the pipeline.


terminals & pumping stations

as work for the expansion of line 9b begins [because we all know it will be] work will begin or continue at pumping stations and terminals along line 9b, from Hamilton to Montreal. this work often includes pipeline shut downs and applications will be made to the NEB beforehand.

enbridge will be doing work at Sarnia Terminal, North Westover, Hilton, Cardinal, Terrebonne and Montreal terminal.

remember: each day the line is shut down costs the corporate bloodsuckers plenty of money – in wages, equipment rentals, insurance and – if you hit it at the right time – oil flow stoppage.

terminal & pumping station maps


densitometre stations

enbridge has determined that a new densitometer will be installed at KP 2989 (MP 1857), rather than relocating the existing densitometer from KP 2993 (MP1860) as originally filed for.


shut-off valves

enbridge will also be installing 17 new shut off valves along line 9. you can find the kilometre post markings for those valves in this doc, on page 26. compare them to the line 9 maps for exact locations.